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      To all those searching for answers to your current hernia dilemma…i wish i had had a post like this available to me…before i made my catastrophic decision to pursue a double mesh laproscopic surgery. First off…scrap all mesh options from your decision tree…i had bilateral inguinal hernias…I wasnt 100 percent sure of the second one and doctors werent either…but beware crooked surgeons will tell you you have a second hernia when you decide to do lap surgery. They get double the money and no one can question them…as they are writing the report for insurance etc… Righ out of the gate…you NEVER want mesh…there is no upside to it…look up the complication rates…i did but somehow dismissed them after doc after doc told me they were minimal…the are not!!!!! If you get a mesh problem its NOT cant remove your mesh easily if at all…no one told me that. Second only get surgery with a Hernia specialist…do NOT go to a guy in your insurance…or a generalist…you got one shot to get it right…dont blow it….do your homework…I thought i studied hard by watching Towfigh –she led me down the wrong path to Lap Tep…i didnt do surgery with her…but lap tep is not minimally invasive…it is maximally invasive after you insert plastic—the following took me months to learn…you want a doc who will tailor your repair to you—there are three non mesh modalities…Shouldice….Desarda and Kang…Shouldice is the oldest and seems like the most deoendable…but i have read lots of reports of invasiveness and chronic pain…if you go to the clinic in Ontario they will cut your cremaster and fill in steel sutures…you dont get to pick your doctor. There are other surgeons in the US who do shouldice…Peterson,,Grishkan…Yunis…Reiner….the first two are arrogant Aholes…but they do high volume and may give you a good result….Yunis would be my pick here. Reiner…no volume. The second modality is Desarda…some say this is less invasive than shouldice…others say its too new…and some have gotten poor results with long recovery times. Robert Tomas in Fort Myer is the guy to see here…jury is still out. Last is the Kang repair…you got to go to korea.,,,but if i had to do it over …this is who i would see,,,very low recurrance rates…small incision…neglible chonic pain…local anesthetic ultra sound to ID the hernia type…many report quick and painless recoveries unlike shouldice. Downside here is its korea and who knows if they numbers kang is pulbishing are legit…he seems like a decent fellow however truly interested in solving the mesh crisis. If i had to do it over I would see Kang….Second choice would be Andreas Koch in Germany…high volume shoulidce guy who also knows desarda and can tailor your repair…seems like a really decent guy who visits his patients and invites them to parties….final choice would be Yunis…he gets great reviews…but he is only 1/3 tissue…that puts him in third place since he is busy with dangerous lap and robotic nonsense —folks you want eyes on your surgery…not some idiot looking through a glass like my surgeon…Sam Carvajal…total bragger and quack who claimed 5000 lap surgeries then butchered me. Get a hands on experienced guy…dont skimp and try to save money…get the best…dont be afraid to the house if me you dont want complications and chronic pain…this infor took me many months to learn…you now have the blueprint for successful outcome…it may be the only satisfaction i get as i suffer…

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      Also please note you will find negative reports about nearly every surgeon including some on my list…I know folks personally who were damaged by Koch and Yunis…when you do a lot of surgeries..its going to happen. you wont find negative reviews about kang….but its korea…so who knows….

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      William Bryant

      Good posts and points Chuck.
      I still can’t decide between Dr Kang, shouldice or dedarda.

      Dr Kang looks brilliant bit how reliable are the results claimed?

      Would you rate any other German surgeons such as Dr Lorenz and De Weiss?

      Do the Germans cut nerves or muscles?

      I’m assuming Dr Kang doesn’t.

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