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      Marc Tucker…had three meshes removed by Berlyansky in a 6 hour operation. His advice is to get the junk out as soon as you can. Its a ticking time bomb. Get it out before you have pain is his advice because once you have pain its too late- its wrapped in the nerves and spermatic chord…what he says makes a lot of sense. Not sure where the advice to not remove it unless there are serious issues comes from. It seems nearly everyone develops serious issues at some point…just spoke with a guy today who had no problems for 12 years then went to workout and bam…something snapped….Good Intentions has said if you have mesh you better tip toe around….because it can move or migrate without much difficulty…i think he says if you are an old guy who sits on the couch and walks to church…mesh might be fine…otherwise it could blow up

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      Is there any good evidence that “nearly everyone develops serious issues at some point” after a mesh hernia repair? I don’t think so.

      Anyone considering pre-emptive mesh removal surgery would be wise to keep the concept of ‘relative risk’ in mind…i.e. they should be considering the risks associated with mesh removal + re-repair vs. the risk of developing serious problems later that may be difficult to address if they maintain the status quo.

      I doubt you will find many (any?) surgeons who strongly believe that pre-emptive mesh removal in the absence of problems/symptoms is a great idea.

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      Good intentions

      I did not say the things you have attributed to me. You are misinterpreting much of what you read, I think. I have made comments about the likelihood of problems and possible explanations for why some people have apparently good results and others don’t. But nothing is certain because no data is collected in a way that it is useful for assigning cause and effect.

      Another random unknown name. Who is Marc Tucker?

      Chuck, it looks like you are at the point where you will never be happy knowing that you have mesh inside you. So, looking forward you can see two potential paths – one where you suffer worrying about the mesh, and another where you have the mesh removed. The second path is unknown, but the first path seems clear.

      Considering all of the work you’ve put in after you had the mesh implanted it is surprising that you had the mesh implanted at all. Most of what you’ve found has been on the internet for at least the last seven years. When I joined this forum there were already stories about Bard 3D Max. Jnomesh was posting often and had many sources for his information.

      It’s not clear if you are disturbed because you made the first decision even with all of this information out there or if you are really disturbed about the mesh implant inside you.

      I’m only posting to try to help you organize your thoughts. If the criteria for mesh removal was clear, the criteria for those who should avoid mesh implantation would probably also be clear. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be getting more clear for anyone.

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      Good intentions

      I went and found what looks like the first post of Jnomesh. Looks like it was actually about 4 1/2 years ago. Seems like much longer. It encompasses some of my posts with mesh and after mesh removal. What a terrible time in my life.

      It’s an interesting thread. Many of the same thoughts, repeated, but some from people that haven’t posted in a while.

      Mesh Removal

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      Good Intentions given what we have both been through i dont understand why you are unwilling to chat with me about your experience…a quick phone call to help me try to get some resolution. You spend many hours posting here…cant you help a fella out who is trying to come to grips with a decision you yourself made? Nick schiller and marc tucker are guys that had mesh removed 5 years ago,,,they have been helping me a lot to get my bearings with mesh you said..i made a catastrophic mistake implanting it…relying on folks who misled me about the risks. I knew the risks…but was told they were way overblown and that the risks of tissue repair were significant…i have had burning prostate and urinary pain for 8 months that no one can solve…this is hell for me and has left me suicidal. And you absolutely said that someone with Bard 3d max mesh might be fine if they were elderly and simply walked and went to church etc…someone more active per you might have mesh related problems with Bard product…

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