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      You will hear many on this forum say that watchful waiting for a hernia is a good idea….but is it really? I tried to heal my hernia naturally…there are many scumbags online who will take your money claiming they can heal your hernia without surgery. I wasted a year or two on this nonsense and in retrospect i think i Should have gotten my hernia fixed promptly with a tissue repair. I waited and my indirect hernia got large and started descending into my scrotum….i think it would have been more difficult for a tissue surgeon to fix this…we hear all the time watchful wait…the cure is worse than the disease…but i wonder if waiting makes the cure a lot more difficult…if i could do it again i would not have waited. Second topic is recurrance rates….and why i Trust Kang. Recurrance rates cited by surgeons has to be one of the most nonsensical concept ever. Peterson says he has a 2 percent recurrance rate. but he follows you for a year or two…other surgeons just quote rates and dont follow you at all Grishkan for example…who i believe to be one of the biggest liars of them all. 23k surgeries…Mr olympia benchpressing a week after surgery…its laughable….he also told me no one could remove my mesh which Dr B removed easily in under two hours…so when Dr G tells me his recurrance rate is under 1 percent…you can flush that down the toilet…if you talk to yunis…grishkan has plenty of recurrances. I spoke to Bruce Rosenberg who is kind about donating his time…but he is also very negative and deceptive…he told me i was stuck with my mesh for life…also said that shouldice clinic is the only safe place to get repair…with the caveat that shouldice is no longer the same as it was. I learned later that he gets referral money for anyone he sends there. He was quite negative towards Dr Kang as were several other sources…claiming you cant trust anyone in korea who controls his own stats yada yada. I dont know about others but my impression of Dr Kang is extremely positive…at 67 and likely a millionaire many times over…what incentive would he have to patiently post here answering everyones questions…what incentive would he have to keep working…and to reinvent his repair over 50 times?? Clearly he has a passion for getting the best result for his patients. The fact that most are in korea…within easy distance of the free recurrance repair offered by the good doctor.(Who else does this??? the creep Grishkan who hangs up the phone on you when you wont accept his partial removal solution???)..this suggests to me that unless Dr Kang is outright lying….his statistics for recurrance may be the best anyone has. DR Kang is known to be a committed christian…and an elder in his church…all things considered i think he is the most trustworthy source we have. All the negative stuff thrown his way is mostly by competitors realizing that he is actually building a center that will surpass the shouldice hospital if it has not already. It made me very sad to review all the video testimonials on his site…folks who said they were mocked for going to korea for hernia repair….but they did so because they understood the dire risks of the surgery….those folks were me…had i not been lied to and deceived by corrupt scum doctors. I see some knowledgable folks who study this closely and still make the decision to stay in the US because of the distance…some even chose mesh because they wanted to save money on travel expenses….i just dont get it…i would have flown to mars to see Dr Kang if i could have seen the issues clearly….

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      I think there needs to be some clarity.

      Virtually no one should/will make a blanket statement of ‘watchful waiting is a good idea’.

      What most people will grant is that watchful waiting is acceptable or appropriate for non-symptomatic inguinal hernias. The logic being that it may never progress to the point of becoming symptomatic enough to warrant surgery…and since ALL surgeries carry risks, potentially avoiding those risks altogether is a good idea.

      It becomes a little more controversial when talking about mildly symptomatic hernias. Some will advocate for tolerating minor/infrequent pain, or even an easily reducible bulge that can be managed with a truss. We are talking about cases where quality of life is not adversely impacted and were there is very low risk for incarceration/strangulation.

      Personally, I agree with watchful waiting in the first situation…not in the second. My opinion is that it is shortsighted to still ‘watch’ a hernia that has become symptomatic. It will not heal without surgery and it will likely get worse at some point in the future. If you are unlucky, it can get worse suddenly…in which case you may no longer have the luxury of getting it repaired on your own convenient timeline, by the surgeon of your choosing, with the repair method you want (e.g. Shouldice does not do emergency repairs and there is typically a wait time of a few months or more for surgery).

      Dr. Kang is not the only person who repairs their own recurrence for free. Shouldice guarantees their repairs for life…it’s right on their website and I’ve confirmed it with them in person too. I’m sure there are others as well.

      I’m not sure how much stock I put in the claim that referral fees are paid by Shouldice, especially since you don’t even need a phsyician referral to go there (which is unusual – usually to see any kind of specialist requires a referral – this exemption actually upsets the anti-Shouldice crowd quite a bit).

      I definitely agree with you that it is a bad idea to accept a repair because it is ‘convenient’, cheap, close by, or because your family doc just sent you there. I would certainly advocate for patients to travel if need be for a superior repair option…whether it is a tissue repair from Dr. Kang, Shoudlice, or another expert in Europe or the U.S…or travelling to see an expert mesh repair surgeon if that is what they want/need for whatever reason. I would absolutely avoid going to a generalist just because my doc referred me to them or because it is ‘convenient’. We’re talking about our health here…it is worth investing in properly.

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