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      GI i saw you post that you had concerns about whether a tissue repair could be successfully performed on tissue that had been subject to previous mesh removal….i think this is a legit issue and one that must be resolved by anyone considering mesh removal. I spoke with Dr Tomas and he said he would not do a tissue repair on tissue that hae been oreviously subjected to mesh removal. I know you are super thorough and assume that you researched this before getting your own mesh removed…so its a little troubling to hear you say you dont know if the tissue would support a tissue repair after mesh has been removed. our friend Alan M seems to share some of your concern when he says that tissue daqmaged on the backside may not be strong enough on the front side to sustain a repair….since tomas blew me off…i spoke with kang…well actually Stephen…great guy…but also seems to not follow what i am saying that well…he says kang can do it…but would really like to hear that from the good doctor himself before i decide to remove my mesh. Any thoughts appreciated

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      Good intentions

      I was prepared to suffer through another hernia if I had to while I waited for the tissues to heal enough for a tissue repair. My mesh problems were so bad that I did not care about having a hernia. I wished that I still had the original hernia and that I had never had mesh implantation.

      I had the mesh removed for immediate relief, not so much for planning for future problems. This is why I try not to directly recommend any actions for anyone regarding mesh removal, because the spectrum of discomfort and pain is so broad.

      The only direct advice I would give to anyone is that trying a pure tissue repair before mesh implantation makes clear and obvious sense for a “normal” inguinal hernia. I think that existing data clearly supports that path as the best plan for the patient. I would recommend that to anyone and everyone.

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