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      I know this board has become pretty quiet,,,but it there are any folks pursuing mesh removal i would love to chat with you. I know there are significant risks associated with mesh removal…but the pain i am experiencing is causing me to consider suicide. I know my pain is mostly urinary in nature…but the only thing i have done that could have caused this is the double inguinal mesh surgery…nick schiller and several others had the exact same pain that i do and it resolved with the removal of the mesh. I know Towfigh and other say dont remove mesh…but this is becoming life and death for me. In addition Bard 3d max was placed inside me…the record of that mesh is very poor….its know to fold ball up and migrate…right now i dont have the classic mesh pain people write about….i just have burning after urnination and ejaculation…..prostatitis type pain=== i would bet anything that this pain is being caused by the mesh in some fashion…if anyone here has any ideas i am all ears…i am pursuing urology…but that is a minefield as well. I was completely healthy on july 30 2021….and this surgery destroyed my whole life…it may well end up taking my life if i follow through with my suicide plans…so i am looking for a last ditch effort to save myself. Any suggestions warmly appreciated.

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      Chuck, please reach out for some pro help if you are having thoughts of harming yourself. Your situation is NOT hopeless and you definitely have options.

      If you feel ‘ok’ and can get in to see your family doc, great…but if your feelings are more severe/immediate, you can walk in to a hospital ER or call 911…just reach out, because someone WILL be able to help you.

      Very glad to hear you are exploring the urologist route…did you find one and make an appointment? Ideally, that will yield a clear diagnosis and solution…worst case, they rule out some things and then you can more confidently believe that mesh removal might be the way to go.

      Either way, the urology results will be progress, so keep at it…you can and will get through this.

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      Good intentions

      Surgeons who have removed mesh from many people will have the before-and-after experience of their past patients to draw from. If you have talked to any surgeons that remove mesh and they have said that removing the mesh will probably help you, then it’s worth a try. Dr. Towfigh cannot give you medical advice over the internet beyond suggesting that you see a doctor. Dr. Towfigh does remove mesh, she has removed it from many people, even people that she has implanted it in to.

      Dr. Novitsky seems like a rational objective surgeon who knows what is going on. Have you talked to him? Dr. Belyansky also seems the same. They see many people and cannot spend a lot of time trying to make people feel better about their decisions. It’s just not possible, that’s what other professions are for.

      Good luck. Find a surgeon that you can trust and listen to them.

      Here is Dr. Novitsky’s web page it has a number for new patients. He might be interested in your case for research purposes, besides helping you.

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      Good intentions

      Here is a surgeon in the Portland Oregon area that will remove mesh. He deals with very complex problems and has seen many mesh problems. They are typically backlogged by months though.

      Here is one in Seattle that you might get to see sooner.

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