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      Brother W —are you any closer to a final decision on your hernia? The more i study this …the harder it becomes to identify a good option…my direct hernia feels like its coming back…no bulge…but it just feels like it did pre mesh…dull ache feeling like something pressing down….i plan to travel to see the good Dr Kang if he will have me…after trying to postively id the hernia with an ultrasound. I dont think Kang cuts any nerves…but its troubling that so many surgeons do…is it because these open repairs inevitably cause pain?? I went with lap mesh because there was no cutting…little tissue damage…if you go to the best lap guy in the world i still wonder if thats an option….i know i will never put plastic in again…but the more i study the tissue repairs the less i am convinced they are good safe options. So many guys i know had open mesh…with NO issues…and this is supposed to be the most problematic of all the hernia surgeries…i know you are probably the most informed guy on the planet with respect to hernias so i follow your stuff like the bible….

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      William Bryant

      Mesh does work well for some people Chuck, and tissue repairs don’t always. The complications are probably worse with mesh though. At least that’s what I think. However, I discovered last week my neighbour had mesh a year ago, no issues yet. As I’ve said before, my exes boyfriend’s brother had mesh, no pain not even straight after, highly delighted so far. My current partners work colleague had mesh years ago, all ok.

      I don’t know anyone who has had a tissue repair except one customer who had his done years ago before mesh was available, he’s ok too. But he did say hurt like hell on day of discharge and could hardly walk.

      Anyway glad you’re over wirsr hopefully.

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      William…see the enclosed…i simply dont know what to think…its hard to believe anyone gets a good longterm result…shouldice dumps a ton of metal/plastic junk inside you….even more than mesh say some….i still think kang is the only safe option…maybe desarda?

      curious to hear from watchful….i am amazed people get good results from mesh…how can having a nasty piece of shit inside you ever work ???

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      I’m just a patient who has done a lot of research.

      The reason for cutting the genital nerve branch in the original Shouldice is that it simply has to be done if the entire cremaster is cut. If you cut through the whole thing, then the nerve and vessels that go with it have to be taken with it. Not all surgeons who perform Shouldice cut the entire cremaster (or they decide on a case-by-case basis). In the Muschaweck sport hernia repair, the nerve is cut for a different reason which is to eliminate pain which supposedly comes from this nerve in these particular sport hernias (at least that’s my understanding).

      I have made up my mind, and my surgery is about to be done. I’ll send an update soon.

      Note that there is no “right” or “wrong” choice here. The most important thing is to get one of the best surgeons for the selected procedure. I think maybe you researched the techniques more than the surgeons when you had your original surgery done. Beyond choosing the best surgeon, it’s just a question of which risks you are more comfortable with, and that’s pretty subjective. For example, avoiding general anesthesia is a pretty high priority for me, but others may care more about something else.

      Stay tuned…

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      William Bryant

      Best of luck Watchful!

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      William Bryant

      Blimey Chuck, I don’t like sound of non mesh only really usually works if no comorbidities… That’s not good news as I have

      Mild copd – not on any meds or inhalers
      High blood pressure – on tablets
      Slightly enlarged prostate – not on pills yet and can urinate freely, just frequency is the issue.

      Does anyone think I’d be ok with non mesh.
      Maybe Dr Kang, Dr Towfigh or Dr Sbayi could give their qualified views, please.

      Comments from posters also appreciated, many thanks as usual.

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      William i dont think mesh is worth the risk…even though i see people every day who had open mesh with no issues….if mesh goes wrong your life is over…get a casket or live in constant pain….honestly i am not sure which i will choose if the pain continues….please please go to kang….Watchful is likely off to Germany…i think thats a good second choice….but i still think Kang has more experience…more integrity…more fanaticism about getting it right. And shouldice leaves a bunch of material inside…almost as much as mesh…if not more….just not worth it in my view….

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      and William you sound like you need your thyroid check…i am in expert in that field….let me know if you want to chat about it further….all your symptoms track low thyroid

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