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      Guys—after getting butchered by the medical system I decided never again…I have participated for many years in many FB health forums and decided to create the Natural Health All Stars forum from the smartest minds on these forums….my FB group is full of Watchfuls and Good Intentions types…fanatical obsessive researchers who refuse to be destroyed by modern medicine….We discuss all things health related —if i had had these folks in my corner —i am sure i would not have fallen for the lap mesh scam. Lap promised a surgery that could take care of both sides in one operation…no real post op pain…for me zero scarring which sadly was a major driver. Then there was the lowest risk of chronic pain arguement…and the risk of chronic pain is doubled with two open non mesh surgeries…then there was the lowest rate of recurrance argument… why would you want two surgeries…tissue repairs fail…do it right the first time with mesh…and all the docs said with lap i have never seen a complication—whereas I have had a few chronic pain patients from that shoudlice clinic….Yunis said the risks of lap were silly low…Towfigh called it the gold standard…so it sounds like a great idea to have lap mesh surgery right????/ Wrong!!!! A guy like Watchful would have said—thats one really invasive surgery—sticking plastic deep in the abdomen…GI would have said are you kidding—how are you gonna fix it if it goes wrong??? Those kinds of comments might have jogged my brain back to reality….so thats why we need the opinions of others…we all have blindspots….so here is the forum….trust me—there are a lots of other ways the white coats can put you in the cemetery….we discuss them all –here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/631098572115953/?ref=sharehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/631098572115953/?ref=share&exp=7ffb

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