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      and myself made the same mistake you are proposing to make…talked to doctors and to friends…in AGMs case his friends didnt even have good reports and he still went ahead with lap mesh surgery…because he didnt want to pay travel costs…i dont get that. I would have traveled to mars to avoid the problems i am having now. GI strikes me as a super smart guy…i dont see how he got duped into mesh surgery…..but i consider myself to be smart too…i was just lied too repeatedly…and i have three friends who had double lap with no issues going on 15 years…and they kept saying their friends had gotten surgery the old way and almost fainted from pain when they woke up from surgery….i watched Todd Harris lie and say tissue repairs have a 20 percent recurrance after one year…i watched mesh industry whore Voeller lie and say any shouldice repair performed outside the clinic had a super high recurrance rate…he also said that he studied tissue repairs after 5 years and most failed…these are flat out lies…i know three guys who had hernia repairs in the late 60s not fancy shouldice desarda or kang repairs…just sew up jobs by the doc near the hardware store…all are doing fine…one guy lifts heavy weights…docs told me if you have a nernia on both sides you gotta o lap…too much tissue trauma…and sadly i fell for the cosmetics of it…Sam Carvajal told me there was no scarring with his procedure and patients were back at work in two days,,,no paub…he also told me there were zero complications…then on my op report he wrote that he had disclosed the serious risks of mesh infection migraion erosion and degradation that i had ackeowldeged the risks,,and wanted to proceed…flat out lies!! I know Dr Towfigh says that i should not call doctors liars…but these individuals flat out lied to me…as did my local surgeon who said he never saw a complication…until i questioned him about his patient i knew personally who he ruined…then he claimed oh yea that guy had mental issues…so my advice is do not trust any doctors…listen to patients they are way more honest…and for gods sake do not put mesh in your body because its cheap or convenient…shake the couch cushions if needed and go see Dr Kang…i am looking at death with dignity options because no one smacked me in the head and said…dont put plastic in your body meathead!!!

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Chuck, but it’s difficult to speak to patients. Personally I think I’ll go with tissue but obviously mesh must work for some people – that or they are not too bad and carry on anyway.

      For me, it just seems odd that mesh is banned for vaginal/bladder prolapse but not for hernia.

      Why is it ok for one and dangerous for other? That makes no sense.

      Nor does the fact there is little regulation/safety checking for each type!

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        Why does it not make sense?

        Why would anyone assume that mesh is going to be equally safe/problematic across different surgeries correcting for different problems?

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      Mike M


      Because most of the time it’s marketed as exactly that….

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      William Bryant

      I think, in time, mesh will be “banned” for hernia repairs just as it was for vaginal and bladder prolapse.

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