• @ajm222 Thanks, I am better than I was before Dr Grischkan. Sometimes I even briefly feel “normal” but not often. And sometimes it’s very frustrating. Usually somewhere in the middle. I try not to think about it.

    IMHO… What there should be is a federal standardized consent form that describes the risks (they are known), says the surgeon…[Read more]

  • @ajm222 Thank you for the great post ! Today was okay and I really hope nothing bad happens further. Is it possible to dislocate the mesh after this long time? My surgeon is categorical that after 3 months it is  impossible to happen. Then why did I have those problems ? He just said that I overloaded myself and to give it a break. Another h…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your reply @ajm222. How are you recently? I have read your topics and saw that you are with progrip as well. The topic about gradually improving in terms of pain after a while is interesting and I hope it is true. What do you think about my problem?  Have you ever experienced anything like that before?

  • DrBrown replied to the topic Pain in thigh in the forum Hernia Discussion 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Dear AJM.
    You need to see a surgeon to have have a history and physical exam.
    If the pain is deep and high on the medial thigh that gets worse with adduction, then it is probably the adductor longus.
    If the pain is in the skin, then it is probably nerve related.
    Your hip joint also needs to be evaluated.
    Bill Brown MD

  • @ajm222 “Poor people suffering and they don’t know a fraction of the stuff we discuss here and they seem helpless and scared, and many of their queries have very simple and straightforward answers. And it’s sad to see so many considering radical surgeries with some doctors who appear to be out just to make money off of them while leaving them dis…[Read more]

  • That was a very thoughtful and informative post ajm22 @ajm222 I’m glad you wrote it.

    I agree that the site needs some tuning to be more useful. The format is definitely odd, and there is a lot of lost communication, that was important to the people involved. I think that dev might have moved on, he is not responding amymore. I have several…[Read more]

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