• My mesh removal experience was horrific and I have been warning others on this site to relax and weigh all of your options. I wish I had. I had all 3 nerves cut in 2 different surgeries and now I am in constant pain. I was naive about the neurectomy but it will haunt me Forever now. With the genitofemoral nerve cut my testicle has dropped and now…[Read more]

  • Correct. Original surgeon put mesh in and then did open exploration. Then mesh got removed by another surgeon. Genitofemoral was removed to alleviate testicle pain but it made it worse.

  • Turns out it was unnecessary. Doctor thought he saw another hernia on a CT and opened me up and took out some fat which should have been left alone. Also cut two nerves to alleviate pain but actually made things worse. I don’t know where this idea of cutting nerves to stop pain got started. Ridiculous. Now I know.

  • After first surgery they did a groin exploration

  • I have had many questions recently about my mesh removal surgery and why I feel like things went sour. I am posting this because it is cathartic for me but I also hope it is educational for everyone considering mesh removal surgery. My mistake was I had hoped that getting the mesh out was going to solve all of my pain issues. It did not. It made…[Read more]

  • With my situation I feel I wasn’t educated about all of the potential problems that could result from having a nerve cut. I was told that cutting the genitofemoral nerve would lessen my testicular pain – but instead it made it worse. I don’t know where this logic came from that cutting nerves alleviates pain. I’m here to tell you it hasn’t worked…[Read more]

  • Exactly my point. Although my case was fairly straightforward and I knew the risks I was swept up in the prospect of the potential “magic” fix. I had been in pain for almost 2 years. And while I thought I understood everything I didn’t understand that there is no magic fix and while I had arguably the best removal surgeon around / things happe…[Read more]

  • Only other thing I’ll add because after almost a year I’m still so angry, ask a million questions. I didn’t. If you’re not 100% sure it’s right don’t do it. Nerves do get cut inadvertently and then what? And believe me after several months your surgeon will move on and you’ll be left picking up the pieces. Go read some of the horror stories on Fa…[Read more]

  • If there is a chance that these issues will heal or lessen over time then it’s worth waiting. Try acupuncture, massage, blocks, CBD, medical marijuana, topical creams; anything. Surgery is forever. I don’t know Dr Towfigh but most surgeons just want to cut. That’s how they’re trained. With me, I didn’t do all of my homework and now I’m paying the…[Read more]

  • Just be careful with the word “rarely”. Doesn’t mean never. I had my mesh removed laparoscopically and the genitofemoral nerve was taken. Left me with testicular pain and other related problems. If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure – wait. You always can do it. Wish I had.

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