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    • Hi
      At your age I would recommend bilateral repair via keyhole technique and with the use of mesh – mesh is an adjunct to surgery just like metal is to knee and hip replacements and also the stents for use in patients with heart attacks. It is a scaffold pure and simple and all the complications that people describe with the use of mesh actually pre-dated mesh use and were there with simple suture repairs. Mesh repair has the advantage of a much reduced recurrence rate. The National Institute of clinical excellence NICE in the UK advises bilateral hernia should be repaired by the keyhole technique and with the use of mesh. Here is a guide that I have on my website please feel free to read it and good luck with your operation. I would go to someone that does a lot perhaps has published in the area as well

      • Thanks a lot Sir for your advice. I was bit afraid of long term chronic pain after mesh implant but now I am bit confident after I read your post.

        Sorry to bother you , I have 2 questions in my mind as you said that the surgeon should have done it a lot.

        1) For person like me who is not in medical profession , finding experienced surgeon who has done a lot of keyhole surgeries is bit difficult as there are not many google reviews for them and GP generally gives vague answer.
        What about searching members in APHS ( Asia pacific hernia society ) who are based in SG ? they must have been doing that a lot , Is my understanding correct ?

        2) Does sub-specialty matter ?
        This is just a question in my mind because First time , When I went to govt clinic here for ultrasound report advise , the doctor assigned to me was from HPB unit who sees patients for gallbladder and liver surgeries. there is no way to find data about how many surgeries they did or happened in that hospital per year.

        As a patient , Since I have very minimal symptoms right now , I want to be in safe hands so that my life after operation should also be pain free.

        Thanks Again to you and this forum , because of which I can share my concerns.

    • Hi
      The radiologist is fine

      Any surgeon with experience in laparoscopic surgery will be fine

      Best to ask them

      In Singapore like the UK hernia is not a separate specialty

      Best Wishes

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