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  • InPain

    November 22, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Modified Kugel open technique

    You have done your homework. To repair a small 5mm hernia with a double layered mesh is in my opinion crazy.. It seems that for some surgeons, the only criteria for success is no recurrence.. I would swap this severe pain caused by the mesh against recurrence any day.

    Most studies on different types of hernia repair just show the figures of “chronic pain”, but doesn’t differentiate between life changing severe pain that some people get with mesh complications, and some discomfort now and then.

    I have already made the mistake of having what they called a minimally invasive surgery with a very experienced hernia surgeon. The laparoscopic procedure itself is minimally invasive, but the 15x13cm mesh is not.

    For a small hernia like you have I think you should stay on the path of finding a very good surgeon who can perform either Shouldice or Desarda. If mesh repair is the only option, I would choose a mesh like Tigr Matrix or Phasix and not a permanent mesh.

    I’m no doctor, this is just my opinion based on the research i’ve done myself and my experience with hernia surgery.