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The idea behind this hernia discussion forum is to be a place for hernia sufferers to ask questions, start conversations, and learn more about all aspects of dealing with the various types of hernias that afflict countless men and women. Whether you are just starting to wonder if your pain might be hernia-related, or are a past hernia sufferer who would like to help others, the management and users of this forum will be delighted to hear from you.

Hernias are an often misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed condition, particularly in women. Part of the reasoning behind starting a hernia discussion board is to spark public discussion of the often painful and confusing symptoms that might point to one of the several types of hernias that many people find themselves suffering from.

Another reason for starting this hernia forum is to help the hernia patients understand the full range of therapies that are available to them. Especially as medical science and technology is continually evolving, a variety of approaches to treating this condition are very much open to discussion here at HerniaTalk. Whatever you have to say about your hernia, we are very interested to hear your thoughts.

Getting the Most Out of the Hernia Discussion Forum

The management of this forum would like to encourage a free and open discussion of all topics relating to hernias on this hernia discussion forum. However, as with any Internet discussion group, things will go better if all participants remember to show the same politeness on a message board they would if they were discussing the topic face to face.

Specifically, we ask that commenters keep the discussion reasonably on-topic. We know that subjects revolving around one area of health might touch on a variety of other areas, but we ask that visitors keep their discussion mostly to hernias and related health topics.

Also, we know that people often have very strong feelings about all kinds of matters relating to hernia treatment and health care in general. We ask that, whatever is being discussed, people try their best to treat each other with kindness and sensitivity. Hernias are, obviously, a fairly personal topic. While some disagreements are inevitable, with the right approach they can actually lead to a fuller understanding of the condition. If someone says something you disagree with about hernias on this hernia forum, try not to see it as an affront, but as an opportunity to learn about viewpoints and thoughts other than your own.

We hope you find your experience at HerniaTalk helpful for your situation, and also enjoyable.

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