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  • MittenState

    February 6, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    My story- new hernia- long Hx

    Ultrasound confirms inguinal hernia and CT from 6 months ago shows Umbilical hernia (see below)

    Does pelvic floor-specifically rectocele need to be addressed prior to hernia repair-will it effect outcome of hernia repair for pain relief?
    Should umbilical hernia (no pain) be addressed at the same time of the inguinal hernia?

    I called UofM–first appt was in May 2017. That’s pretty far out -and I would want to have surgery in March or April at the latest.

    Thank you

    Ultrasound right Groin 2/2/2017

    Indication: Right groin pain. Possible hernia.

    Comparison: None

    Technique: Multiple grayscale sonographic images of the right groin region
    were obtained with and without Valsalva and with the patient in the supine and
    standing positions.

    Findings and impression:

    1. There is a fat-containing right groin hernia that appears to be indirect
    type. The neck measures approximately 11 mm and the hernia sac measures
    approximately 3.9 cm in maximal dimension. No evidence of bowel herniation is
    seen. The hernia appears to be reducible.

    2. There is no sonographic evidence of a spigelian or femoral hernia in the
    right groin region.

    There is no preperitoneal air or fluid. The abdominal aorta is normal in
    caliber. There is mild bulge of anterior abdominal wall with tiny
    fat-containing umbilical hernia.