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  • lizhe36

    February 27, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Chronic Pain after Hernia Surgery in April 2011

    Good Morning and thank you for responding so quickly,
    My mother has had numerous CT scans performed since her hernia surgery and i guess her enlarged veins in her pelvic area were the only thing every doctor was noticing. The technique the vascular cardiologist used to perform the veinal embolization in January of 2012 was a minimal invasive surgery where he went in through a vein in her neck area to insert the metal coils. He told my mother he couldn’t guarantee it would resolve her pain but it was worth a shot to see if that was what was causing her pain. He concluded that the Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) was not the cause of her pain so he ruled out the PCS and referred her to a Gastroenterologist. She ended up seeing more than one Gastro Dr. and they’ve pretty much said it’s not a gastro issue. They just want to keep prescribing her depression medication along with pain medication. As of right now we are working on finding a surgeon that is willing to open her up to see what’s going on but unfortunately she is not having luck. I will say that the most recent CT scan performed is showing signs of some kind of lining of the bladder. She also had a second Colonoscopy performed a month ago which came back normal. A hernia specialist she recently saw had her get one done as well as the CT scan and after seeing the results of both it sounds like she’s leaning towards cystitis. As far as the pain that radiates down her leg, it does indeed radiate around her back and into her vagina. If she doesn’t eat, she’s fine, but who wants to live like that. Thanks again for your time.