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  • Helene

    March 11, 2014 at 11:51 am

    RUNNER w/ extreme hip/pelvic pain,possible hernia?

    I am not a doctor, simply a mom of a daughter who had pain for years that the doctors were not able to diagnose. It wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago that it was determined that she had bilateral inguinal hernias….surgery to repair them last week and she is well on her way to full, pain free recovery.

    The one piece of advice that I learned from Dr Towfigh and my daughters Interventional Radiologist is that CT Scans may not be an appropriate diagnostic tool for hernias. Ultra-sound may be the correct answer. My daughters CT was negative but the ultrasound showed they existed. That is because my daughters hernias disappeared when laying down and only appeared when standing or when bearing down. On that basis, of course they wouldn’t show on CT.

    Again, I’m not a Doctor, simply the mother of a 22 year old patient who no longer is suffering because the correct radiologist found her hernia tears via ultrasound. I’m not diagnosing anything for you just wishing you the same sort of success we found.

    Good luck and don’t stop fighting to find the correct diagnostician who will make the correct diagnosis…and then will make the fix