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    April 8, 2014 at 8:25 am

    pain in my right groin going around my back

    I have GHI Emblem Health Medicare. I have had, in total 7 CT scans since July 2012 when I had a bought of Diverticulitis. I had my Colonoscopy Dec. 11, 2013, Dec. 16th was sent to the ER where they did my 7th CT scan with oral contrast. After that I had 3 sonograms Dec.24, 2013, then 3 MRI’s in Jan and Feb. 2014, then 3 more sonograms at my request in Feb. 2013.I went to 3 GI Dr.s, 1 Colon Surgeon, one hernia surgeon, 2 orthopedists, a spine specialist (they found a bulging disc in my lower back and a torn labrum on my right side which was from a car accident in 1986. I went to a pain management specialist and even 2 Gynocologists. Actually I saw saw 4 GI Doctors because my GI Dr. was on vacation. I am so tired. The Spine Dr. wanted to inject my lumbar with a steroid, I refused and have been trying PT for it. The colon surgeon suggested Pelvic floor therapy. Now my GI Dr. is willing to sendme for one more MRI with the valsalva method you use(I told him about your hernia work). I am kind of giving up at this point, living with daily pain. Not fo sure of what to do next.