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    April 9, 2014 at 2:19 am

    pain in my right groin going around my back

    I only spoke with Dr. Jacob via the phone, he has not seen any images or reports. I have to fax my ins card to him tomorrow. I am afraid of any kind of invasive surgery, there are always risks. All of this happened to me after a routine Colonscopy.

    My GI DR. ordered an MRI with and without contrast with Valsalva,should I take the contrast?

    I read about Laperoscopy, they do 3 incisions, plus anesthesia, I fear more problems.
    I read online about chronic Appendicitis, the surgeon at NYU that i saw thought it wasn’t that. I don’t know what I should do.
    If they do Laproscopy and see a hernia or Appendix problem do they fix it right then and there?
    The last time I spoke with my NYU Surgeon she said no more CT scans and no laporosopy, thus my hesitation, and utter confusion….and at this point fear! I never thought an Appendix could go on for 4 months. I also had an inguinal hernia in 2001 that was bulging out of my groin onthe left side, it did not give me this kind of pain radiating around my back. this pain worses with activity, gas, eating and the bathroom. Dr. Jacobs also mentioned I micro tear in the colon form the colonsocpy.
    Sorry for the lengthy rant, my life has been 4 months of pain and I was fine before the COlon procedure, thus my fear of doing anything else invasive ot my body unless it is necessary.