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  • Geraldine75

    May 13, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Mesh removal after hernia repair

    Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your hernia repair not going well. I’ve looked into different options before seeing any doctors. I came across the proflor. Have you heard of it?

    All i know is that is built differently, even though it’s made from polypropylene, which is the most common synthetic material used in hernia repair it has a component that covers under the hernia hole plus a flower-shaped core that sits within the hernia hole. Is like a spring that can compress and spring back. Because the tissues surrounding the hernia hole compress the flower shaped core, the doctor doesn’t have to stitch the implant in place. Therefor minimizes potential sources of postoperative pain.

    Maybe this is something you can ask your doctor if you do decide to have an open surgery.

    Good luck and Keep me posted if you can.