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  • ldavis

    June 23, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Laparoscopic or Open Approach

    Dr. Towfigh,

    Thank you for your reply. if you have time, could you please clarify your last statement, where you say, “I would shy away from any mesh, unless it is a lightweight mesh or you are a heavy built person.” I thought mesh was the main method used to repair hernias…what would be the better option? Please help me understand. I am not ‘heavy built’, but am a very small person, and since this pain began, I’ve lost considerable weight…I’m under 100 pounds now.

    I did look at the AHS website, and see many surgeons listed in my state; it doesn’t give much info about them, so I suppose I would just need to start making phone calls and ask the questions you suggested. When I called the doctor’s office I had asked if he dealt with occult, or hidden, hernias in women, and the staff member did not know what I was talking about. But, he is listed on the AHS site and is less than 2 hours away, so I’ve got an appointment scheduled. He prefers open repair, but I was under the impression he uses mesh. What would be a good question to ask him about that? THANKS again for the time you devote to this site and all of us who are suffering.