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  • Stacey

    July 26, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Pain after mesh repair

    I’m 55 and had a laparoscopic left femoral hernia repair with mesh 2 years ago and felt totally fine. Then one year agp I developed daily distention, generalized abdominal discomfort, persistent left pelvic discomfort and several episodes of vomiting. I felt better with lying down and worse as day went on especially if I ate. I was sure it was the hernia but an MRI of the pelvis (to evaluate fibroids) and CT scan did not reveal this. Eventually had laparoscopic mesh repair of a hernia in the other groin with no relief and robotic surgery to remove a large uterine fibroid. I thought this helped but then all of the symptoms returned and over time the pain became severe. I had a pelvic CT,more ultrasounds, GI studies, saw a gynecologist, urologist, 6 surgeons and was in the ER twice. I was thankfully sent to a pain specialist who did nerve injections which gave immediate relief of the pain but the symptoms returned. Taking low dose gabapentin ( all I can tolerate), tons of advil and doing physical therapy. Every aspect of my life has been effected.

    I am pursuing surgical treatments. How does one decide between neurectomy or mesh removal with preservation of the nerves?
    Dr Towfigh has mentioned that MRI of the pelvis is the best way to look for a recurrent groin hernia if there is mesh. Should that be repeated if it was last done 1 year ago? I also suspect I have small incisional hernias at some of the trocar sites especially @ the umbilicus where I have felt pain and small protrusions , but other areas concern me as well. What is the best way to look for them?
    And is it necessary to do more imaging if the surgeon is going to be looking inside anyway?

    Hoping to get some insight and really just hoping to get better.