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  • firebirdmama

    August 5, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Occult or hidden hernia?

    I was operating a stand up forklift with a stationary clipboard which was about inch to inch and a half thick and made of compressed plastic bolted to the top of forklift at about waist height. I did not realize forks of forklift were not all the way to the floor and was going about 30 mph when I hit a pallet and impact caused the clipboard to strike my stomach, causing a severe bruise in abdominal area all the way across stomach about belly button height. ER doctor said it appeared similar to bruising as if from seatbelt if it had been an automobile wreak. ER doctor did suggest small tears in abdominal wall and noted in ER notes but every doctor I have seen since seeing him dismisses his opinion. Pinching pain I feel when sitting in upright for too long is hard to describe it ranges from a stabbing pain to heavy feeling of pressure. It presents mostly on right hand side when sitting upright. Almost like I swallowed a large rock and it is sitting on my intestines or bowels. If I cannot get anywhere with this surgeon that I am about to see in Indianapolis I would really like to come see you. When I read your article about Ms. Sweet, I thought to myself,” That’s it!, that is the pain and symptoms I am feeling!”. Thank you for your time. I think this forum is fantastic!! Doctors just do not seem to think woman can have hernias and if you do not have a bulge they completely dismiss you as being either crazy, having female issues or in my case that I am overweight and that is causing your issue.