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  • bayblu

    August 16, 2014 at 3:00 am

    Surgery with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction

    Oh yeah, after rereading the first blog and comments, I think I would do better with about a liter of saline pre-op and probably one liter of saline post-op. One of the commenters below the article stated that we shouldn’t have too much saline either. I do know that many people with CFS/ME feel much better after being given some saline, even without surgery.

    I just found the protocol I’ve seen for years about surgery for us. It says:

    “Anesthesia has adversely affected patients with CFIDS. Some anesthesiologists have had success blocking the sodium channel during anesthesia for CFIDS/ME patients.”

    That’s the protocol that patients with ME have said for decades has helped them.

    Just read this comment from the article in the post above:
    ” The tip about the IV arm is so true, my arm pained me for over a week and kept me awake nights – just one of the many things I would have done differenty had I known.” – Sue

    So I think that’s probably important for me too. Sigh….

    I also have some questions:


    1. Will I be able to be in a lounge-chair position while they perform surgery on me?

    2. Will I be able to be in a lounge-chair position during recovery? I do not do well at all when lying flat.

    When I say “lounge chair”, I really mean, I need the back of the bed raised some, so my head is elevated from the rest of my body.

    3. Can I recuperate for longer than a few hours if I need to?

    4. Am I having local or general anesthesia? (I believe I’d do much better with general – see below)

    Sue Newell says:
    “I have spent 6 years slowly improving from debilitating fibromyalgia Two weeks ago I had a femeral hernia repair under local anaesthetic. The operation was not pain free and I had to be repeatedly injected. I found this traumatic and although the actual surgery has been successful I have regressed in terms of my fybromyalgia. It has been a nasty shock. I think I should have been more aware of the effects that the surgery has had on me!”

    Sorry my situation is so complex, but I noticed on the link that they suggest monitoring my magnesium and potassium for surgery because of the Fibromyalgia, but I don’t think I can handle them giving me magnesium and maybe not potassium either, because of my severe life-long IBS that has been set off by magnesium supplements, and I’m guessing potassium may be bad for me as well. I can only handle substances like that in foods and teas.