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  • groundfaller

    January 10, 2015 at 1:47 am

    Pain after mesh repair

    Hello everyone and thank you Dr Towfigh for providing this forum.

    I’m a 41yo male and I had a left inguinal, open repair done 9 months ago. I have never been truly pain free since the surgery although I have had periods of manageable, mild pain during that time. Unfortunately, I have had two incidents where the pain became much more disruptive in life and I am now very concerned. At the end of September, following a business trip, I came home to significant pain which left me in bed for several days and took nearly a full month to become manageable again. Then, again at the end of November I experienced the same significant pain and it is now six weeks later and it is not improving at this time. I cannot walk for more than 1/2 hour before I start to hurt. Lying down generally relieves the pain. I saw my surgeon yesterday and she arranged for some PT for me but finished the conversation saying, “this may be your new life.” I don’t go out anymore because of the pain and I struggle through work on a daily basis.

    There was an ultrasound performed in Sept which showed nothing significant and the surgeon performed a physical exam yesterday with nothing remarkable noted. She doesn’t seem to be offering anything more. I need help with my next step. Where do people go when their surgeon is no longer helpful? Should I return to my general practitioner? Does anyone know of a doctor in Utah that specializes in post surgery pain like this? I am not resigned to a life of pain like this at 41. Before the surgery I would mtn bike and rock climb daily. Does anyone have advice on my next step? Anything would be appreciated.