News Feed Discussions What ?s should surgeons be asking their patients? What ?s should surgeons be asking their patients?

  • groundfaller

    January 10, 2015 at 2:26 am

    What ?s should surgeons be asking their patients?

    Thanks for asking this question. I think this a great way for doctors and patients to connect better with each other.

    I wish my doctor would have asked questions about what, if any, activities my hernia is causing problems with. It seems like that would establish a baseline for the severity of the problem and, given that pain is relative, it might be a good indicator of my tolerance as well (albeit a subjective measure still).

    I also would have liked it if my doctor had asked questions about what I expect to do after the surgery in terms of activities. I realize it is impossible to say if one can return to their normal activities but I might have taken more time to consider whether or not I would have gone through with the surgery had I known that I might be considering selling all of my bicycles like I am now because I am not sure I can ride them again. At least before the surgery I could ride.

    I also would have liked the doctor to ask me during my initial exam if I wanted to know about the surgery which would have initiated more Q&A on my behalf and made my decision more informed, especially since I could go home and research with some knowledge.

    Right now given all of my complications I feel like I didn’t seize on enough questions. Dialogue is so important.

    Thank you for being thoughtful enough to seek out this information.