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  • WisconsinHerniaDoc

    January 15, 2015 at 3:32 am

    Triple neurectomy

    Triple neurectomy refers to removal of the three nerves that supply sensation to the groin and can be injured during hernia repair. Unfortunately, groin pain after hernia repair is not often as simple as just removing these three nerves. It has a lot to do with the technique that was employed during the initial operation (open or laparoscopic), the mesh that was used, surgeon experience, mesh fixation, patient factors and a variety of other key issues.

    If you have neuropathic pain (meaning pain that is caused by inflammation or injury to those nerves), then triple neurectomy may be beneficial. However, other causes of pain will not necessarily be alleviated by this procedure. It is a procedure that is not done by most surgeons and you certainly would want to see someone with experience with this problem.

    What sort of pain are you having?