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  • lbel

    March 10, 2015 at 12:39 am

    Please Help!

    I have very similar symptoms to you and a dynamic abdominal ultra sound showed an inguinal hernia. During the ultra sound they had me bear down very hard as if I was giving birth. It showed a small inguinal hernia with fat. But my original doctors did not suspect a hernia. I had similar pain: pressure when sitting, pressure with full bowel or bladder, a throbbing sensation in my lower left abdomen. It was/is left of my navel and down about an inch. My entire left side of abdomen and around my hip and buttock just didn’t feel right. Sometimes it feels like a pinch. I had also had numerous tests done….pelvic ultrasound, CT scan (which revealed a lymphangioma, not related to hernia, but needed treatment which I had done), MRI of the lymphangioma but not of the actual area of my pain, many exams by surgeons and still no hernia diagnosis. Finally, prior to doing pelvic floor Physical Therapy, my surgeon said he wanted to do a dynamic ultrasound before sending me to PT. It showed a hernia. The weird part, I had never had groin pain, but after the Ultrasound I did and continue to. When I questioned this the surgeon said that the hernia in the groin could cause the pain in my lower abdomen. So I have been recommended for laparoscopic surgery to repair the weakness in the abdominal wall. Also, after the ultrasound showed a hernia, the surgeon was able to see the hernia on the CT scan. I guess it is very small. I am also small framed and I guess any change in my body I can feel. I would really like an MRI of the area where I have pain just to confirm it and for my piece of mind. The surgeons that I have seen have not felt that it is necessary. I am very anxious and just feel like there is something else going on…I did seek out a surgeon that has an interest in hernias in women. Dr. Towfigh recommended her to me and she is only an hour and a half from my home. I feel lucky that she will be doing my surgery. However, I have a suspicion that there is something else wrong. I feel somewhat powerless, but I don’t know what else to do. In your case, I would ask your doctor to do a dynamic ultrasound. Not all hernias have a bulge. I don’t have a bulge. My hernia was originally missed in my CT scan…I really wish you the best….keep pursuing a diagnosis.