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  • lbel

    March 12, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    hernia specialist in New Hampshire

    Hi Dr. Towfigh,
    I have a few new questions. I may have incorrectly sent this same note yesterday (so if this is redundant I am sorry).
    I am scheduled for surgery on April 21st with Dr. Adrales for a subtle/small left inguinal hernia. She is doing a lap repair with polyester mesh. I am thin and petite. I am anxious about the surgery because my journey to figure out what was wrong took a long time and many doctors. I continue to have many questions about my hernia.

    1. My original symptoms caused pain in my lower abdomen left of my bellybutton and down about an inch. My abdomen felt really strange and uncomfortable when I had to urinate or with a full bowel. (There was pressure) It also throbbed and with certain movements pinched. Sitting for prolonged times made it feel like there was pressure in the left side of the abdomen. I also felt a strange sensation that traveled down from my rib to the abdomen only on the left side.(kind of like a flutter) In addition, when walking briskly, I felt a pinch in my buttock. My confusion is that my hernia is in the groin and I never had groin pain until I had the dynamic ultrasound. After that ultrasound I continue to have groin pain. My symptoms in my abdomen and my groin come and go depending on my activity level. When I do a core strengthening exercise in which I put my feet up on a yoga ball and do a bridge it seems to activate things. If I am the slightest bit constipated, I can feel the pressure. When I keep this in check I feel great. Also, when doing the hip abduction/adduction with knee fallout, my adductor muscle that goes into the groin bothers me. So my question is, is my pain/discomfort all related to the subtle/early inguinal hernia or could there be something else in my lower left abdomen that is also causing the symptoms as well? Dr. Adrales said that she felt a mild weakness in my left inguinal ring.

    2. The PT to strengthen my adductor muscle seems to have cause pain in my left hip. I have trouble sleeping on my left side. It wakes me at night and I reposition. I also, notice the pain when walking briskly and going up and down stairs. Also, the hip flexor stretch that I was doing during PT seemed to go up my buttock and into my lower back. I still have some discomfort from it. My question is, should I be evaluated for this hip pain prior to surgery? Would going to a chiropractor prior to surgery be a good thing. Could this hip pain be related to the hernia? I plan to let Dr. Adrales know about the hip pain and lower back pain as it has continued for three weeks after PT ended.

    I really appreciate your expertise in regards to my questions. I have been learning so much about hernias in women but I continue to be baffled by my symptoms which makes me anxious.