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  • bayblu

    March 25, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Surgery with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction

    Hi Dr. Towfigh,

    Well, just like you said, Cedars Sinai is top-notch in patient care and I had an excellent experience with my surgery. I’m back to the way I was before with my chronic illnesses and chronic pain, but at least I’m not worse than I was. The care I received was incredible and thank you so much for setting me up in such a beautiful room at Cedars. I couldn’t believe the gorgeous views, and my husband and I were very pleased with having such a nice room.

    I continue to heal well from the surgery. I do still experience hernia pain that comes and goes on both sides, but more on the right side, like before. The doctors I saw in your office assured me that was normal the third week after my surgery, so I’m hoping it’s still normal now, eight weeks post-surgery. The pain mostly comes on when I’m sitting on my chair with wheels in the kitchen, but it hasn’t become excruciating like it did before, although I haven’t been able to be up for very long yet. I’m still healing from the rest of the surgery as well, and I’m still experiencing pain from that, too, but I continue to improve every day.

    I’m really pleased with the fact that you were able to use the surgical opening from my hysterectomy to get to both hernias. Also, you did an awesome job sewing up my surgery wound. The nurse I saw at our hotel told me that it looked like the handiwork of a plastic surgeon, and she said, she should know because she used to work at one of the top plastic surgeon’s offices in Beverly Hills. I’ve also compared it to surgery scars I’ve seen on the web, and yes, you did a beautiful job. Thank you so much.

    I feel very fortunate that I was able to have my surgery done by you and Dr. Aliabadi.