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  • WasInTN

    March 27, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    future of inguinal repair and PT

    quote :

    Honesty is a hard thing to come by these days, especially by surgeons who have a conflict of interest. To make money they have to perform surgery but sometimes it may not be in your best interest. How sad.

    Not all surgeons are like this. For example when I met Dr. Goodyear last year, he was doing 3 or 4 surgeries a day and at this age, I do not think he needs to work at all but he does. He can retire very happily. From what I see in the insurance statement they paid him very minimum amount for surgery whereas hospital got more dough (for nothing). This is the main reason not all surgeons are the same.

    I met a local surgeon but that guy was scratching his head and beard when I asked him the material the mesh is made of. Mind you, this local surgeon was referred to me by an office colleague. I did not like to put my sensitive area in a surgeon’s hands who does not even know what the mesh is made up of! But just reading the details of Dr. Goodyear I went straight to him after talking on the phone. I met him for 15 min before surgery, had it fixed in 1 hour and walked out. Yes the local surgeon said I can walk out too but you can see how much he knows even after you talk to him for 30 min.

    BTW how did you decide which surgeon to go to? Referrals from friends? Did you check about his rating? Talked to anyone about that surgeon? All I can tell you is, surgeon usually may NOT be at fault. After an alien material is put in body (which is a gaurded and closed environment) NOBODY on the face of earth can tell you how YOUR BODY reacts to it. All they can do is, “majority of people is doing good, so should you.” It is a generic conclusion. Thats why they say “Each case is different.” How do you know surgeon messed it up? How do you know what is happening in your body? Find details and fix your problem aand then with all results you have the right to throw dust on anyone you like. Till then I would not conclude so easily.

    Yes there are people who do surgeries for money but the one I met is NOT the one who does for money. Thats 100% sure.