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[USER=”2580″]DrBrown[/USER] Hi Dr. Brown –
Sorry for the slow reply here – I only just recently found time to respond.
I’ve attached two pictures. The first shows where the pain in my lower left side is occuring.
To answer your questions:
Yes – I have normal skin sensation
The pain feels deeper than the skin/subcutaneous tissue.
The pain is most uncomfortable leading up to and around ovulation.
It is also tender after intercourse (for up to a day or so after) and feels similar in sensation to a sore muscle pull.

I have considered the possibility of endometriosis, although I don’t notice a significant increase in pain during periods.

The second photo is of my belly button.
Since this second pregnancy, I’ve also started to have pain around my belly button.
It’s not severe, but feels like a chronic gas or bloating pain that is made more significant by pushing onto my belly button.
My belly button itself feels very … smushy…right above it.
I believe I may have an umbilical hernia from my most recent pregnancy (just welcomed our baby in May), but I’m not sure if this is something to be concerned with?

Thank you again

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