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  • groundfaller

    April 8, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Right Inguinal Hernia Pain five years post-op!!

    I am sorry you are going through this. I hope you find the help you need. It really is hard.

    I can relate somewhat since I have had only complicaitons from my surgery and I have had similar results with doctors who cannot or will not help and insurance companies that dictate treatments that are not in the patients best interest. The system is broken and it lacks both the internal and external willpower to address the problem. There should be specialist hernia repair surgeons only given the number of people requiring this procedure and number of complications that arise. I foolishly accepted that a general surgeon was the right person to go to based on the advice of 3 MD’s and the recommendation of the insurance. Hindsight is looking out my asshole. Some people on here don’t like my negativity and I am cool with that but hopefully my feedback will give someone else the foresight and the chance to second guess what is going to be the first recommendation they receive…to see a general surgeon.

    Don’t trust the data either. You can research a surgeon to find out their success rate for this procedure but what if they don’t report that a patient has persistant and chronic complications. Or maybe it does get reported but it is through an anonymous source so it limits ones ability to assess a surgeon. There is no record of my problem for others to be aware of other than what I write here or on surgeon review websites. Do surgeons ever meet with a prospective patient and say, “oh well yeah the last guy that was in here didn’t recover from the surgery and that was done 1 year ago….or 5. His post-surgery quality of life is far worse.” It is more important to have an umblemished record than to have accountability. How many other people are suffering under the radar because the information on complications is inaccurate and the support for those suffering is full of road blocks and stigma.

    Think twice future patients.

    Susan, hang in there and hope you get some help.