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quote drtowfigh:

Biologic mesh has a role, but not typically for recurrent hernias. I used to use them for some patients at risk for mesh-rated allergy or chronic pain who couldn’t be closed with just non-mesh repair. I’ve moved to the hybrid meshes.

good day. A recent text by Campanelli and other Italian Authors on biological prostheses, among other things, maintains that, although it offers advantages compared to other prostheses, it would have a considerable recurrence index.
My question to the forum doctors is typically from patient to doctor: in a patient, as drtowfigh cites, that cannot be repaired without a mesh, does the organic prosthesis give less recurrences than prosthetic repair?
The reasoning is as follows: having to risk recurrence anyway, the patient could opt for an intervention without mesh rather than introduce a biological mesh, where the risk margin is superimposable in both interventions

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