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I am sad to report that I am officially being ignored by Dr Tomas’s office. I got the follow up MRI done back in April/May because of hernia recurrence concerns. The MRI was received by their office. I sent follow up emails to Dr Tomas’s assistant Esteban and I don’t receive replies after all that effort. I even copied BJ who is a patient liaison person on the most recent email. All I was looking for was that in his professional opinion as the surgeon who did the work whether everything still looked ok. It’s been 3 months and no response. Very suspicious. I’m not particularly concerned about my condition as much because there has been improvement in the last 3 months. However, the low level of professionalism just to put my final concerns away is remarkable and very concerning. There is a lot more to this hernia repair story that I’ve been holding back (thought to be a misunderstanding) that almost caused me to go home running for fear of my life mostly because of the anesthesiologist, but I may have to come out of the closet with this story and write multiple very factual reviews disclosing everything from start to finish. At this point I will offer the following advice. BJ or some other person will say they are collecting insurance info on behalf of the anesthesiologist and lee island surgery center (if you go there). Don’t give it to them. Let those two entities get the information by them calling you or you call them. I’ll leave it at that for now.

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