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I too would like to hear more detail about Dr. Grischkan’s results. I had looked at him a while back but was concerned that his website is somewhat contradictory about whether or not he uses mesh (gore-tex?) in repairs, and when I called his office the person on the phone also seemed somewhat non-committal about mesh. As I understand it, the mesh patch would be very small if used at all. I don’t know enough about the technicalities of hernia repair to understand if his modified Shouldice repair is good, bad, or unknown so far as recurrence and chronic pain rates. He claims good results for recurrence, but I’ve not seen his method compared to any other repair type, so don’t know what to make of that. He’s done a ton of hernia repairs using his method, so it seems like there should be more information available someplace. I think I remember reading that he was also very expensive for those without insurance he accepts.

Dr. Grischkan will attempt a tissue repair first, but if it is too large for that, he will use a Gore-Tex mesh. I consulted with him and he said my hernia (Grade 2) can be a tissue repair, but cautioned me that if it grew too much he’d have to use mesh. He did say the quality of his mesh was above that used in all other mesh repairs at hospitals.

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