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  • drtowfigh

    April 17, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Hernia question

    Hi and thanks for submitting to Herniatalk.

    First, congratulations for taking charge of your health. I agree with you that you need a surgeon who listens and understands women. It is not okay to just take medications for pain. There is a cause for your pains and perhaps your surgeon can help figure it out and cure you of it. Also, nerve pain does not usually just happen. In many cases, especially among women, such pain is from a hernia. You need not have a bulge to have a symptomatic hernia. CTs are generally falsely negative in showing these small hernias. This was proven in my most recent publication where we showed that a negative CT was wrong most of the time and 10 out of 11 CT scans were proven wrong by an MRI.

    Here are some colleagues in Iowa who have shown interest to see you and evaluate you:
    – Dr Matt Morgan in Pella
    – Dr Luis Garcia in U of Iowa
    – Dr Michael Burchett in Bettendorf

    I recommend a dynamic hernia ultrasound if any imaging is requested. If that does not show a hernia, then move on to an MRI pelvis with Valsalva.

    Link to article: