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Post-Op Recovery: What to Expect

I have something to say since I went through IH surgery in PA with Dr. Goodyear and stayed in the hotel for 4 days. BTW I flew from KY to PA and back with family (2 kids and wife). Here we go.

I posted “POST SURGERY THOUGHTS” on this board which Dr. Towfigh put on top of the discussions (thanks to her). Do read it. You will NOT become a superman within 6 months – no, there is superman only in cartoons and movies.

1. I returned to work after 2 weeks and yes I am in desk job – software development. BUT I got up every one hour and walked around. It was a weak and slow walk but no matter GET UP EVERY ONE HOUR and walk around – that’s what Dr. Goodyear told me. The day after surgery onwards, the advice given to me was “Keep walking” and I kept walking till legs ached. So I went to work in 2 weeks BUT my advice is to wait 3 WEEKS. So you feel much better. But up to 6-8 weeks, depending on what Dr. Ramshaw says you should keep walking so the mesh will jell better with your tissue.

2. for 30 minute gentle yoga you will need to wait 6 weeks and depending on how good the tissue heals. Surgical cut and tissue heal differently in each person. It can take up to 8 weeks. My suggestion – 8 weeks till you are able to jog on the roads. If you are able to jog and walk briskly on the roads THEN ONLY attempt the yoga bending and all. Yes I saw you said the word “Gentle.” But for God’s sake remember you are going to have surgery. So give some respect to the surgical cut and be careful. You never know what/how internal tissues react with your “GENTLE” yoga. Listen to your body and give it time to heal. You have nothing to lose. 2 weeks POST SURGERY IS ***NOT*** the time to do exercise and diet even if you are an Olympic Gold Medalist and are in twenties. They can wait. Let the body come to terms with the surgery and heal itself. Yes, it takes time.

3.I have done the post surgery check up by Dr. Goodyear. YES IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. I had surgery Thursday and travelled back to KY on Monday. Dr. Goodyear gave me OK on Monday to go home. Surgeon had better clear you before you travel. It is better to spend $200 on hotel for 5 days than travel next day or later and spend 20 days in ER. What do you think? I heard Ramshaw is a great surgeon. Listen to him. He knows the best time for you to travel. Some can travel earlier, some later and some at some other time. Again each case is different depending on age, past problems blah blah. No two people recover the same way. Each of the X billion people on earth are created randomly. Wish I have the algorithm God uses to create this big random numbers. Ha.

This is eye-opening. Spoke with Dr Grischkan who said I can get on the road (someone else driving) an hour after surgery, which is only 25 minutes. I have a 9-hr drive from Cleveland. He said I’d be doing great in 2 days and that some of his patients (weight lifters) are back in the gym pumping iron in 3-4 days.

I had an IH repair (mesh, open surgery) years ago and it took a few weeks to bounce back, with first 4-5 days being pretty painful getting out of bed.

You didn’t travel for 5 days after surgery?

I don’t relish the thought of getting in a car an hour after surgery and driving back 9 hrs with ice packs. And since my wife cannot get off work (nor can she drive 9 hrs for health reasons), I’ll need a friend to drive me, but he can’t take off more than 2 days of work.

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