News Feed Discussions Are my symptoms from a hernia? Are my symptoms from a hernia?

  • marneyrose

    May 14, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Are my symptoms from a hernia?

    Thank you Dr Goldstein for chiming in! Which nerves did you think are causing my right lower quadrant tenderness? The lumbar injections did nothing for me.

    The lower right quadrant and groin are my central pain locations. It feels like right ovary pain. When I press on my abdomen in this area it is tender. The pelvic floor PT finds the internal tissues like the piriformis very tight and tender on the right side. I read an article by Deborah Metzger and this finding sounded very consistent with me.

    My brother and my mother both had abdominal hernias btw in case it’s a genetic tendency. I used to do a lot of heavy lifting until I got this pain.

    Btw I visited your website and also watched your video. You look extremely talented and personable but I was bummed at no mention of hidden femoral or other hernias in women. 🙁