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  • seekadvice

    May 15, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Unusual Abdominal Injury

    Thank you, Dr. Towfigh and Dr. Goldstein, for taking the time to help. I have a much better understanding of the injury and what I need to do as the injury continues to heal.

    Dr. Towfigh, I appreciate your advice concerning dry needling. You mentioned that dry needling is not good in the acute stage, but I did have it done 6 days after the injury. Would this have set me back or done any damage? Does 6 weeks refer to 6 weeks after late October 2014, when the injury happened? I am about 6.5 months into the healing process. Can a muscle tear take this long to heal? I completely understand that these questions might not have any clear answers.

    You also mentioned that imaging can show the girth of each muscle. Would an MRI provide this imaging?

    Thanks again.