News Feed Discussions Are my symptoms from a hernia? Are my symptoms from a hernia?

  • marneyrose

    May 15, 2015 at 4:19 am

    Are my symptoms from a hernia?

    Dr Towfigh and Dr Goldstein,

    Thank you for your thoughtful responses to my posts. I’m very grateful for your generosity in sharing your time and incredible expertise.

    Dr Trowfigh, I had to look up CT/MR enterography and while reading about how it can reveal strictures in the small intestine, I almost started to cry that no one I’d consulted for these ongoing miserable problems ever mentioned this test. I know adhesions can cause strictures but I’ve been running in circles trying to determine if that’s the nature of my problem. I also know when adhesions cause problems they can be very difficult to resolve surgically or by any means. However it seems CT or MR enterography at least offers the chance for me to understand whether strictures are indeed the source of some or even all of my problems and then make an informed decision how to proceed.

    I also never knew that cramping usually comes from tubular structures like intestines or the ureter. This gives me a better understanding of my issues. But I was wondering regarding hernias, whether some portion of intestine could get caught in the hernia and create a type of obstruction? And if so, could it move in and out, creating problems that come and go?

    Given my family history of hernias I wouldn’t be surprised if one snuck in among the adhesions and scar tissue. I will be calling you soon Dr Goldstein! We are lucky to have someone with your talent and background in the Albany area. I wish my only problem was a hernia but look forward to trying to sort all of the issues with you.

    With deep gratitude,