News Feed Discussions Are these symptoms of an “occult female hernia? Are these symptoms of an “occult female hernia?

  • Kekoski

    June 14, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Are these symptoms of an “occult female hernia?

    Dr. Towfigh,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer. Back in 2012 when I went to the hernia doctor, beside the MRI of the lower left side of my pelvic area, he did a cough test and palpated to see if he felt any bulging. There is no bulging at all, and when I cough or laugh I don’t feel much difference. When I stand or sit for too long I start to feel uncomfortable. When I lay down it also improves, but not for a while. The pain does radiate from the top of my thigh to my inner vaginal area to the point that sometimes my labia gets almost numb. It does get worse when I am on my period but it mostly feels deep inside. I always think of it as inside of my bone…in the very middle of my groin. The only thing that was found through that MRI was an ovarian cyst on the left side of my pelvis and my uterine fibroid…so it was concluded that the cyst combined with the fibroid were the culprit and that when the cyst ruptured I would feel better.

    I live in the Riverside, CA area. If you could recommend someone that has dealt with this type of hernias I would greatly appreciate it.