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  • aminuts

    July 3, 2015 at 4:17 am

    Could this be a hidden hernia ?

    Hello Dr Towfigh just wanted to post update.
    I am through taking care of everyone else and now it’s my turn. About three weeks ago an emergency in a store occurred where I had to perform CPR. When EMS arrived I got up and was in a lot of pain mostly right but now intermittent on left as well. I had made an appointment with Dr Ramshaw whom you recomended and will see on July 16. Had a few episodes and saw my primary and took your notes from the online consultation and he ordered ct scan with and without contrast and valsalva. Same results as the one a year ago no hernia but noted again mild to moderate degenerative hips. Of course I was sure something would show since the pain has increased and comes more often as well as last longer. I received a call from dr Ramshaw’s office who informed me he is not taking new patients for surgery as they maybe Relocating but will still see me for a consultation. Not sure if it is in my head now and that it’s caused by my degenerative hips I am keeping the appointment as my last quest for an answer. If he feels it is hernia he would recommend a surgeon or I could come see you. If he feels it is a hernia/hernias I will be coming to California and hope I will be posting “I
    Have my life back” to encourage others to not give up!!! Wish me luck and I will post the outcome of
    My appointment with Dr Ramshaw.