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  • lbel

    August 2, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Alternatives to mesh

    John, I really liked your post. I have been wondering all of the same things. I am a thin, active female and I notice the most subtle changes in my body. I have a questionable hernia at this time. MRI was negative and it was the sole reason for the MRI so radiologist was looking for a hernia. US was positive after bearing down. I felt like the bearing down was just like giving birth as they kept having me bear down harder. I think I created a hernia that day…LOL So I only want mesh in my body if I absolutely need it. I have consulted with excellent surgeons, and they all say I should have surgery. I really wish there were hernia specialists that would try other methods. Seems like surgery is the only solution. I don’t fully understand why. After a lot of reading in general about healing…most experts state that the body has a way of healing itself. Wish this were true for hernias. I would do the work as I think it would improve one’s health anyways. If you know of any hernia specialists who have alternatives to surgery I would like to consult with them prior to any surgery….
    Feeling overwhelmed and scared….Linda