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  • johnmac

    August 4, 2015 at 3:16 am

    Alternatives to mesh

    It’s been really interesting seeing the various replies to my post and I am grateful to people making the time to respond.
    I have four further queries;
    1. I was especially interested in Dr Towfigh writing “As a 60-year old, and an athlete, I would not recommend a tissue repair unless you have true contraindications to mesh implantation.”
    Can you please elaborate on your reasons for giving this answer?

    2. Also I was very keen on the Desarda technique. However Dr Towfigh writes elsewhere on the forum that;
    “The Desarda technique is a revival of an old technique that was abandoned in the 1950’s and 1960’s because the recurrence rate was too high.”
    Could you please elaborate on this statement?

    3. Another option I have been investigating is the use of biosynthetic mesh such as Phasic, and Tigr. Reportedly these act as standard mesh for some months, while stimulating the body to rebuild natural tissue, before disclosing away completely within 18 months to three years? Has Dr Towfigh had any experience with these meshes?

    4. Another mesh option is the TiMesh, which as I understand it is standard polypropylene coated with titanium, which apparently causes less of a foreign body reaction. Has Dr Towfigh had any experience with this mesh? And if so what doe she think off it?

    As always, answers and posts are very interesting and much appreciated.