News Feed Discussions Is this a Hernia? In desperate need of help! Is this a Hernia? In desperate need of help!

  • ConcernedHusband

    August 7, 2015 at 3:09 am

    Is this a Hernia? In desperate need of help!

    Thank you for the quick response! You have no idea how excited I was to see you respond. I really feel like I have let my wife down by not advocating well enough for her with her doctors and just a simple response from you gives me hope we can get to the bottom of this! We just received her MRI. Please see the attached images and redacted MRI report. I also looked up a Petit’s and Grynfeltt’s hernia and it sounds like there is a chance it is a Petit’s hernia. I did not mention it in the previous post, but there have been at least two separate occurrences where my wife has complained of abdomen pain, which I found is an additional symptom of a Petit’s hernia. The abdomen pain is what actually led to the abdomen CT. My wife has compared her abdomen pain to doing an extensive ab workout, but with additional pressure/pain underneath her ribs. The onset of this abdomen pain came the same time as when her back pain began. Although the abdomen pain has subsided her back pain has not. I also did not mention in the previous post that there appears to be two movable bumps on her back. I have also attached a picture indicating the locations of them. I want to thank you again for taking your time to read my post. In case you haven’t already been told this forum you have put together is amazing. I cannot begin to put into words the hope you have brought my wife I. Even if this ends up not being a hernia the time you have put aside to help us reminds us that there are still caring doctors out there.

    My sincerest gratitude,

    Concerned Husband