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  • johnmac

    August 7, 2015 at 3:57 am

    Alternatives to mesh

    Hi DrBachman
    Many thanks of your information & ideas.
    I haven’t had too many foreign body implants, however after a small operation to remove a BCC my body tried to reject the internal stitches. Also, over the past two decades I have worked hard to rid myself of toxins such mercury fillings, lead (from paint) & other toxins from my youth. I certainly feel fitter and better for that detoxifying processes. Implanting polypropylene seems a retrograde step in that regard. Like one of the other comments, I do tend to feel anything going on in my body, I would hate to feel a wad of scare tissue & mesh in my core (Pilates) muscles.
    Your comments about biosynthetic mesh were really interesting and informative. The Tigr people have competed a three year study on using Tigr mesh for inguinal hernias (open technique), which seems to work well on indirect hernias, less well on direct ones. They have just started another three year study on Tigr mesh (laprascopic technique), but as its just started its way to soon to tell anything. However in theory biosynthetic mesh sounds great – mesh to allow the body to heal itself, gradually dissolve away and all gone after three years.
    Regarding your other suggestion, I have been using a hernia support for 18 months now. It was great to start with but its less effective now. I am resigned to some form of surgery, the missing part of the equation is what type.