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  • Lee211

    August 16, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Possible Hidden Hernia?

    Thank you for your response and for the reassurance that I’m not crazy. I knew I wasn’t crazy as I had a lime size protrusion in my groin that would come and go. It was obviously a hernia.
    When I go to the AHA site to find a surgeon it asks me for the physicians name, which I don’t have. My home is in the Bay Area of CA, but my hysterectomy is to be done in Phoenix, AZ by Dr. Castellanos. I would be willing to travel to LA (or elsewhere) to see a hernia specialist if there are none in northern CA or Phoenix. If most of my pain is due to a hernia my priority would be to get that fixed and see if the pain resolves, especially if it is an obturator hernia, as I understand that these can be dangerous if undiagnosed and not repaired. For quite some time I have suspected that I have regular episodes of partial bowel obstruction. Now that I’ve learned more about obturator hernias this concerns me.
    Could I have developed an obturator hernia from POP surgery that involved going through the obturator foramen?