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  • kleiter

    September 6, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    Please Help!

    Hi Dr. Towfigh –

    I saw Dr. Archana Ramaswamy back in March & it was suggested that I may have a sports hernia from running. Which would makes sense because I had no obvious bulge and pain only on my right side. The pain would get worse when I went running & would linger afterwards Also, all of my tests (ultrasounds, MRI, etc.) came back negative. I’m just amazed that after seeing as many surgeons & healthcare providers as I did, Dr. Ramaswamy was the first to suggest “sports hernia”. She gave me a referral to begin physical therapy for 6 weeks to improve hip & pelvic strength and flexibility. If PT did not help or improve my symptoms, she advised that I return to see her.

    The physical therapist found that my right hip was tilted forward and ultimately the right side was weak & did not perform as well as the left. All in all physical therapy has helped, but has not completely eliminated the pain. However, it has significantly reduced the pain. In addition to keeping up on my PT exercises at home, I am back to running. I am not 100% back to where I used to be, but at least I’m running again. I asked the physical therapist IF it was a sports hernia, if it could be healed over time without surgery if I kept strengthening the surrounding area & muscles. She said that if it was a sports hernia & the tear was small enough, scar tissue could build up & it would repair itself. But a bigger tear would require surgery.

    I never returned to see Dr. Ramaswamy as my pain improved with physical therapy. I hope it keeps getting better or at the very least, I don’t return to the pain level that I used to be at. I am so thankful for your help & recommendations – I really appreciate it! THANK YOU!