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  • drtowfigh

    September 6, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Chronic pain that will not go away

    Dear TJ from Texas:

    Some thoughts comments and questions for follow up:

    – mesh can tear off its repair and it can also tear in half (though that is less common)

    – nausea can be a sign of hernia occurrence

    – it is certainly not expected that every single hernia repair you have be torn or tear off. We have to figure out why this happens so that it is not repeated with the next repair. So here are key questions to have answered prior to the next operation:
    1. We’re all of these open style repairs (ie, a scar in the groin)? If so, did anyone talk to you about performing your repair laparoscopically? That is usually the go-to technique when open has failed.
    2. What types of mesh were used and of what size? Do you know the surgical technique or the brand of the mesh used? These should either be noted in your operation report or elsewhere in your surgical chart. Lightweight mesh is more likely to fail than heavier weight mesh. Small size mesh is more likely to fail than larger size mesh (3×6 inches or larger).
    3. What risk factors do you have which make you prone to hernia recurrence? Any of the following: constipation, chronic cough or asthma or bronchitis, nicotine use of any form, overweight or obese, family history of hernias, immune suppression or healing problems such as with use of steroids, collagen disorders, diabetes, other medical problems such as cirrhosis?