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  • vdaramola

    September 10, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    Fascia Tightening ??

    Thanks for the suggestion. Already discussed. No numbness or tingling. Normal NCV/EMG tests. Pain in hands doesn’t correspond to any particular nerve distribution. Forearms are very loose and soft throughout (actually feel lovely) — no sign of potential scar tissue issue.

    The original surgeon did a very thorough job and in op report mentions inspecting the nerves to make sure they were free. He even did extra release around supinator muscle to make more room in Radial tunnel area. The surgeries went smoothly and without incident. I didn’t even have temporary numbness or tingling post-op. Once the swelling went down, the relief in the forearm was tremendous and I felt “cured” by 8 weeks. I eagerly went forward with the other forearm. After the second surgery, I actually went back to work at 10 days post-op. The incisions are the entire length of each forearm from wrist to elbow, on both dorsal and volar sides. The incisions healed beautifully (couldn’t have asked for better) and people barely even notice them.

    I can NOT believe this is happening. I am still in shock, awe and disbelief. I am well-aware that what is happening to me is NOT suppose to happen.

    When the hand veins start to pool with blood, I would describe the pain as: warmth, fullness, deep aching pain in soft tissue, the veins that bulge as they go over the knuckle to the beginning of the fingers are very sore and particularly painful, the skin on the top of the hand gets a very surface-type “prickling” feeling. Prickling is always relieved with elevation. Even when it’s at its best (mid-day, caffeinated, air-conditioning), hands still feel congested and “sticky” inside as if the inside is soaking in Elmer’s glue. Strange analogy, just don’t know how else to describe it.

    Thanks again Dr Earle for all your time and suggestions.